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TYPE: PR 2433 PR 2432
POWER OUTPUT: 40W RMS into 8Ω @ 5%THD 20W RMS into 8Ω @ 5%THD
SPEAKERS: One 12", 8Ω Fender Special Design (P/N 0099528000) One 8", 8Ω Fender Special Design (P/N 0099527000)
FOOT SWITCH: 2-button (P/N 0097298000) optional N/A
DIMENSIONS HEIGHT: 17.25 in (44 cm) WIDTH: 17.25 in (44 cm) DEPTH: 9 in (23 cm) HEIGHT: 12.75 in (32.5 cm) WIDTH: 13.75 in (35 cm) DEPTH: 7.5 in (19 cm)
WEIGHT: 19 lb (8.6 kg) 12 lb (5.4 kg)
Product specifications are subject to change without notice.
A. INPUT — Plug your guitar in here.
B. FTSW (Champion 40 only) — Plug the optional two-
button footswitch (P/N 0097298000) in here to
enable remote channel selection and eects on-o
C. VOLUME (1/2) — Adjusts the channel volume level.
D. CH SELECT (Champion 40 only) — Press to switch between amplier
channels, as indicated by the channel indicator light {F}. This switch is
overridden by the CH SELECT switch on the footswitch {B} when connected.
Channel 1 provides a clean tone based on Fender Blackface™ amplifiers
such as the Twin Reverb® amp.
E. GAIN — Adjusts the channel distortion level. Use together with the
channel VOLUME knob to set the overall loudness.
F. CHANNEL INDICATOR (Champion 40 only) — Illuminates when channel 2
is selected.
G. VOICE — Selects the channel voice type. The tri-color indicator to the left
of the knob changes color as each dierent voice type is selected.
01 Tweed Bassman® 07 60s British
02 Tweed Deluxe™ 08 70s British
03 Tweed Champ® 09 80s British
04 '65 Twin-Amp™ 10 Super-Sonic™
05 '65 Deluxe™ 11 90s Metal
06 ‘65 Princeton® 12 2000 Metal
H. TREBLE/BASS — Adjusts the amplier tone characteristics.
I. FX LEVEL — Adjusts the level of eects.
J. FX SELECT — Selects amplier eects. The tri-color indicator to the left of
the knob changes color as each dierent eect position is selected.
01 Eects OFF 08 Delay Slapback
02 Reverb + Chorus 09 Delay Long
03 Reverb Hall 10 Delay + Reverb
04 Reverb Spring 11 Touch Wah
05 Chorus Fast Sweep 12 Vibrato
06 Chorus Deep Sweep 13 Tremolo
07 Flange
K. TAP — Use this button to tap in a custom delay time or modulation rate
by pressing TAP rhythmically (twice minimum) in sync with the desired
interval. The TAP LED blinks at the current delay/modulation interval. Press
the TAP button just once to set the interval to its maximum value.
L. AUX — Plug your media player in here for accompaniment. Adjust the
input level using the volume control on your media player.
M. PHONES — Plug your headphones in here to enjoy the amplier eects in
stereo. The amplier speakers mute automatically. This output can also be
used for recording or sound reinforcement.
N. PWR — Illuminates when power is switched on to the unit.
Rear Panel
O. POWER — Switch to the "ON" position to turn the unit on. Switch
to the "OFF" position to turn the unit o.
P. INPUT POWER — Connect the included power cord to a
grounded outlet in accordance with the voltage and frequency
ratings specied on the rear panel of your amplier.
ASSY. P/N 0097298000
Champion™ Ampliers
Fender tone and quality…and incredible value!
Whether you’re looking for your rst practice amp, or aordable, powerful
stage gear for playing in a band, there’s a Champion amp that’s right for you.
They’re versatile enough for any style of guitar playing, while being very
simple to use.
Champion amps deliver world renowned Fender clean and overdrive tones
plus an assortment of British and modern distortion avors. From jazz to
country, blues to metal, it’s easy to dial up the right sound.
You’ve also got a built-in palette of eects to choose from, including reverb,
delay/echo, chorus, tremolo, Vibratone, and more. Settings like delay time or
tremolo speed can easily be set with the TAP button to match the song’s tempo.
Other features include: Auxiliary input for jamming with media player;
Headphone output for silent practice; and Classic Fender Blackface cosmetics
with black angled control panel, skirted knobs, silver grille cloth, and black
“bronco” vinyl covering.
Champion™ 40
40 Watts, 1 x 12” Two channels (one clean, one with
selectable amp voicing); optional 2-button
footswitch for channel selection
Champion™ 20
20 Watts, 1 x 8” One channel
PRODUCT REGISTRATION — Please visit: http://www.fender.com/prodreg