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1. Status Indicator - This LED displays the opera-
tion mode:
Amber Normal Operation
Flashing Amber Pairing/Low Battery
2. Power/Pair Switch - Press <5 seconds to
turn the unit on or off. Press >5 seconds
to enter pairing mode.
3. Battery Cover - Unscrew the battery cover
and slide down to open the HXD1 battery
4. Battery Holder - Open the battery holder
by pressing the tab and lifting the cover.
Insert two standard AA (LR6) batteries
here, being sure to observe the plus and
minus polarity markings shown. Although
rechargeable Ni-Cad batteries can be
used, they do not supply adequate current
for more than four hours. WARNING: Do
not insert the batteries backwards; doing
so can cause severe damage to the HXD1
and will void your warranty.
5. Input GAIN Control - This control adjusts the transmitter input sensitivity.
This input sensitivity control has been factory preset to provide optimum level for
the particular microphone capsule provided with the Stage XPD1 system and so we
recommend that this not be adjusted manually. If necessary, however, you can use
the supplied plastic screwdriver to raise or lower the input level.
Stage HXD1 Handheld Transmitter Controls