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The XP106 LINE OUT jack allows you to connect the XP106 with any powered
speaker to expand your system or link two XP106 systems together and share
all inputs between the two units. You can also use the jack to receive audio
from another speaker without using an input channel.
Daisy Chain Speaker
Using a standard shielded ¼ instrument cable, connect the LINE OUT on the
XP106 to a line level input of second powered speaker. The XP106 will send a
mix of all inputs, including Bluetooth® audio. Each channel LEVEL will control
corresponding output level to the LINE OUT jack.
Linking Two XP106 Systems
To use two XP106’s as one system is simple. Just connect each side using a
standard ¼" Shielded instrument cable to the LINE OUT jack located on each
XP106 rear panel. Both mixers and the microphones or instruments connected
to each of the individual XP106 systems will be heard in both speakers.
Auxiliary Line Input
The LINE OUT jack can be used to accept any line level input source. This
input does not have a level control, so you must utilize the output level of the
connected device to control the level of the audio in the XP106.
Using the LINE OUT Jack