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2 – Names and Functions of Parts
0 DEVICE connector
Use to connect a USB flash drive. (See “Connecting/discon-
necting USB flash drives” on page 21.)
Connect a USB flash drive here to play back files on it and
copy files between it and SD/CF cards. (See “Copying files
between media (backing up)” on page 50.)
q SD and CF card slots
Insert and eject SD and CF cards from here. (See “Inserting
and ejecting SD and CF cards” on page 20.)
w Remote sensor
Receives signals from the included remote control (TASCAM
RC-10). When using the remote point it here.
e MENU button
When the Home Screen is open, press to access the menu
screens. (See “Menu structure” on page 15.) (See “Menu
screen operation basics” on page 15.)
Press this when a settings screen is open to go back one
level in the menu.
When a confirmation pop-up message is open, press this to
answer "NO".
When the Home Screen is open, press this to clear the level
meter peak hold indicators.
t STOP button
Stops playback and recording.
y PLAY button/indicator
Press when stopped or in playback standby to start playback.
Press in recording standby to start recording.
During playback or recording, this button lights.
u PAUSE button/indicator
Press when stopped or during playback to switch to
playback standby.
Press when recording to switch to recording standby.
The button lights when in playback standby and recording
i RECORD [TRK INC] button/indicator
Press when stopped to start recording standby.
Press when recording to start a new track and continue
recording without interruption. (See “Creating a higher
numbered track manually” on page 28.)
The button lights when recording and in recording standby.
Press when there is no media in the current device to
activate input monitoring, causing the currently selected
input signal to be output. The button blinks during input