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3 – Preparations
Turning the power on and off
Press the front panel POWER switch.
Startup Screen
Home Screen
After the unit starts up and the startup screen is shown, the
Home Screen appears.
If no media is loaded in the current device, no track number or
time will be shown on the Home Screen.
Turning the power OFF
Press the POWER switch to turn the power OFF.
No special shutdown procedures are necessary.
Do not turn the power OFF when the unit is in use (recording,
playing back, writing data to SD/CF/USB media, etc.).
Doing so could cause recording to fail, recorded data to be
damaged, sudden loud noise to be output from monitoring
equipment, damage to equipment and harm to hearing.
When the unit is turned ON for the first time after purchase,
and also if the unit has been stored OFF for such a long time
that the internal battery has discharged, the CLOCK ADJUST
screen will appear immediately, so that the Time can be
Setting the date and time
The date and time are added to recorded files based on the
unit's built-in clock.
1. Press the MENU button repeatedly to open the
page, and turn the MULTI JOG dial to select
2. Press the MULTI JOG dial to open the
3. Press the MULTI JOG dial again to enter setting mode. The
cursor will appear at the item to be changed.
4. Turn the MULTI JOG dial to change the value and then press
it to confirm and move the cursor to the next item.
5. After changing the year, month, date, hour and minute, the
cursor disappears and the date and time setting ends.
While setting the date and time, you can press the EXIT/
CANCEL [PEAK CLEAR] button to cancel any changes and
return to the menu screen.
6. Press the EXIT/CANCEL [PEAK CLEAR] button to return to
the menu screen.
Adjusting the brightness
While pressing and holding the HOME/DISPLAY button,
turn the MULTI JOG dial to adjust the display and indicator