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7 – Recording/playback with cascade connections
Overview of the cascade function
Using the cascade connection capability of the DA-3000,
multiple DA-3000 units can be controlled simultaneously.
A multichannel system can be realized by synchronizing
recording and playback.
Master unit
Slave unit
Synchronized recording starts
Record button pressed
Timing adjustment period
Recording and playback with cascade connections involves the
following two types of synchronization (timing and clock).
Timing synchronization
Depending on the cascade setting, slave units will
synchronize to the master unit when recording/playback
Clock synchronization
During recording and playback, the internal clock of
the master unit or an external clock generator is used to
The following functions cannot be used during synchronized
recording/playback using cascade connections.
The included RC-10 remote control cannot control slave
PCM recording using the DIGITAL IN (AES/EBU) jacks is
not possible.
PCM recording using the DIGITAL IN (S/PDIF / CASCADE)
jacks is not possible.
Sync recording functions are unavailable.
LEVEL, DD and TIME mode auto track functions are
Auto mark functions are unavailable.
Connections and preparations
Preparing media
When conducting synchronized recording and playback, use
identical media (same brand, capacity and model number) in
the master and slave units. Use of different media could cause
media access speed differences, resulting in synchronization
discrepancies and other unpredictable problems.
We have posted a list of media that we have confirmed for use
with cascade operation on the TEAC Global Site (http://teac-
Selecting the media
Set the media for the devices (master and slave) to be cascaded.
Select the same type of media for all devices (CF or SD).
See “Selecting the media used” on page 21 for details.
Preparing cables
Use high-quality digital coaxial cables (75Ω impedance) for
cascade connections. (Do not use analog RCA cables. Doing so
could cause malfunction.)
When using word clock, connect with high-quality BNC
cables(75Ω impedance).
Setting the recording file format
When recording, set the master and slave units to use the same
recording file format. (Recording and playback is possible with
the units that are using different file formats and sampling
frequencies, but synchronization will not occur with sampling
frequency precision.) (See “Setting the recording file format” on
page 23.)
During cascade operation, do not record files with different
file formats or sampling frequencies inside the same folder
or copy such files from a computer. Doing so could cause