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11 − Troubleshooting
Power does not turn on.
e Confirm that the power plug is inserted securely.
Media is not detected.
e Confirm that the SD card, CF card or USB flash drive is
inserted securely.
e Stop playback or recording once.
Playback is not possible.
e If you are trying to play a WAV file, confirm that it uses a
sampling frequency (44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4 or 192 kHz)
and bit depth (16/24-bit) that are supported by this unit. If
you are trying to play a DFF/DSF file, confirm that it uses a
sampling frequency (2.8224 or 5.6448 MHz) supported by
this unit.
No sound.
e Check the connections with the monitoring system and
check the volume of the amplifier.
e If you cannot hear the input signal, confirm that the
screen setting is ON.
e If you cannot hear the playback signal, confirm that the
screen setting is OFF.
Unable to record.
e Check the connections.
e Adjust the recording level.
e If the media does not have enough open space, erase
unneeded data to make more space or change the media.
e If the folder already contains a large number of entries (the
total number of files, folders and other items), change the
recording folder.
Changed settings are not saved.
e This unit backs up settings whenever you change them. This
backup could fail if you turn the power off while this data
is being written, so do not turn the power off immediately
after changing a setting.
I hear noise.
e Check if any connecting cable might have a bad connection.
When editing text, “Name Full” appears.
e Due to file system limitations, a maximum of 255 characters
(halfwidth) can be used for items such as file and folder
names. Moreover, the file path on the
screen is also
limited to 255 characters.
Operation using the remote control (RC-10) is not
e Confirm that a battery is installed in the remote control and
that it still has a charge.
If the unit is not functioning properly, please check the following items before calling for service. If you are still unable to resolve the
problem please contact the retailer where you purchased the unit or TASCAM customer support (see the back cover for contact infor-