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10 – Message Lists
The following is a list of the pop-up messages that might appear on the DA-3000 under certain conditions. Refer to this list if one of these
pop-up messages appears and you want to check the meaning or determine a proper response.
Message Meaning
Cannot set Mark.
Limit reached.
The maximum number of marks that can be set has been reached, so a new mark cannot be added.
Create Playlist
The creation of a new playlist failed.
Divide failed. Division was not possible.
Operation Failed. The execution of some operation failed.
Operation Failed.
Folder limit.
The maximum number of folders has been reached so a new folder could not be created.
Operation Failed.
long name
Path Name is too long.
The total number of characters in the full file path and file name exceeds 255.
Rename failed. The RENAME operation could not be executed.
SD Card Locked. The SD card is locked.
This file
already exists.
When RENAME or another operation was conducted, another file with the same name already existed.
This folder
already exists.
When RENAME or another operation was conducted, another folder with the same name already existed.
Un/Redo failed. The REDO operation failed.
Switched to
Master clock synchronization became unlocked. The unit switched to its internal clock.
Not Enough space on Media.
Not enough open space is available on the media, so copying is not possible.
Media full or
too short
Incrementing the track was not possible because either the interval was too short or the media does not
have enough space.
Mono file is
not supported.
Moving mono ×2 files is not supported, so moving is not possible.
This name
already exists.
Moving is not possible because another file already has the same name.
--- CAUTION ---
Cannot execute.
Media Full.
Editing is not possible because the media does not have enough open space.
--- CAUTION ---
Formatting not
optimal for
This media format is not recommended.
--- CAUTION ---
Not possible now
Please Stop first.
Stop the unit before executing this function
--- CAUTION ---
Not recommended
type for
This media is not recommended.
--- CAUTION ---
RECORD stopped.
ABS time limit.
Recording stopped because more than 24 hours elapsed.
--- CAUTION ---
RECORD stopped.
Media Full.
Recording stopped because the media ran out of open space.
-- COPY FAILED -- Copying failed.
- DEVICE ERROR - An error occurred with the device.
-- DIN ERROR -- An error occurred during digital input.