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3 – Preparations
Preparing the remote control
Installing the battery
At the time of purchase, this remote control comes with a
lithium-ion coin battery (CR2025) installed. Before using the
remote control, pull the isolation sheet out of the battery
1. Remove the battery holder.
While pressing
, pull in direction
2. Install a coin-shaped lithium ion battery (CR2025) into the
holder with the correct
3. Reinsert the battery holder into the remote control.
When to change the battery
Replace the battery with a new one if the remote control
operation range is reduced or if the buttons become
Use a coin-shaped lithium-ion battery (CR2025).
Warnings about battery use
The accidental swallowing of a battery by a small child is
extremely dangerous. Keep batteries and remote controls out
of reach of small children. Consult a physician immediately if a
child should swallow a battery.
Misuse of a battery could cause it to leak, rupture or otherwise
be damaged. Please read and abide by the cautions related to
batteries. (See “CAUTIONS ABOUT BATTERIES” on page 4.)
Install the coin-shaped lithium-ion battery with the correct
Do not recharge the coin-shaped lithium-ion battery.
Do not heat or disassemble the coin-shaped lithium-ion
battery or put it into fire or water.
Do not carry or store the coin-shaped lithium-ion battery
with small metal objects. Doing so could short the battery
and cause leakage or rupture, for example.
When storing or disposing of batteries, cover the contacts
with tape to prevent them from touching other batteries
or metal objects.
Follow the disposal instructions written on the battery or
given by the local government when you are done using
Using the wireless remote control
Refer to page 14 for details about the functions of each
When using the remote control, point it at the remote control
receiver on the unit within the angle shown below.
Remote Sensor
Operation distance
Directly in front: Within 7 meters
15° left or right: Within 7 meters
The operation distance varies depending on the angle.
If anything is between the remote control and the sensor,
operation might not work.
Remove the battery if you will not use the remote control for
a long time (one month or more).
If the battery should leak, thoroughly clean any residue from
inside the battery compartment and install a new battery.
When using other devices controlled by infrared rays, use of
this remote control might operate these devices by mistake.