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MGP32X/MGP24X Owner’s Manual
Controls and Connectors
Channel control block
Mono input section
Stereo input section
q 26dB (PAD) switch
Turning this switch on ( ) attenuates the input signal from
the INPUT jack of the mono channel by 26dB. Turn this
switch off ( ) if you have connected a microphone or other
device with a low input level to the channel. Turn it on ( )
if you have connected a line-level device.
w +48V switch and indicator
Toggles phantom power on and off. When this switch is
turned on ( ), the mixer supplies DC +48V power to
INPUT A of XLR input jacks. Turn this switch on when
using one or more phantom-powered condenser microphones.
The indicator is on when the switch is on.
Be sure to leave this switch off ( ) if you do not need
phantom power.
When turning phantom power on ( ), follow the impor-
tant precautions below, in order to prevent noise and
possible damage to the mixer and external devices.
Turn this switch off when connecting a device that
does not support phantom power to INPUT A of XLR
input jacks
Do not connect/disconnect a cable to/from channels 1-
24 {1-16} while this switch on.
Turn the mixer’s output controls – STEREO master and
GROUP faders- all the way down when turning phan-
tom power on/off.
e GAIN knob
Adjusts the sensitivity of the input signal. Monaural channels
have a 26dB switch (q) that lets you change the range of this
control. The adjustable sensitivity range is as follows.
Mono channel
The stereo channel is fixed to a range of -34dB to +10dB.
r (High Pass Filter) switch
Turning this switch on ( ) will apply a high-pass filter that
attenuates frequencies below 100Hz in the signal by a slope
of 12dB/octave.
COMP knobs and indicator (Channel 9-24 {9-16})
Adjusts the amount of compression applied to the channel.
As the knob is turned to the right the compression ratio
increases while the output gain is automatically adjusted
accordingly. The result is smoother, more even dynamics
because louder signals are attenuated while the overall level
is boosted. The COMP indicator comes on when the com-
pressor operates.
Avoid setting the compression too high, as the higher average
output level that results may lead to feedback.
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Mono channels
1–24 (MGP32X)
1–16 (MGP24X)
Stereo channels
25–32 (MGP32X)
17–24 (MGP24X)
* y-!0 are for CH29/
30, CH31/32 {CH21/
22,CH23/24} only.
Channel number
Channel number
26dB switch Range
ON -34dB to +10dB
OFF -60dB to -16dB