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MGP32X/MGP24X Owner’s Manual
Basic Operations and Display
This chapter explains the basic operations about how to
view the display and operate the screen.
Viewing the display
The display indicates the various parameters for operating the
Setting screen
Press a button in the display section to display the desired screen.
Example: Screen when pressing the COMP button
HOME screen
This screen appears when pressing the HOME button.
This screen lists the status of the settings. You cannot change the
settings in the HOME screen.
q FX1, FX2 status
Displays the status of the FX1 RTN (or FX2 RTN) channel
when on (highlighted) or off (normal display), and the
selected program.
w GEQ status
Displays the status of the GEQ when on (highlighted) or off
(normal display), and the graphics. Pressing the HOME but-
ton switches the L and R displays.
e USB status
Displays the inserted (highlighted) or disconnected (normal
display) status of a USB device, the playback status (>), the
playback/recording time, and the title (up to 16 characters) of
an audio file.
r COMP status
Displays the status of the COMP (compressor) when on
(highlighted) or off (normal display). Also, the GR (Gain
reduction) indicator displays the status of the signal when
compressed (highlighted) or not compressed (normal dis-
t iPod status
Displays the connected (highlighted) or disconnected (normal
display) status of the iPod/iPhone.
Dialog screen
These screens appear when you need to confirm the operation
you just performed or when a problem has occurred.
Confirmation screen
This screen appears when confirmation is required. Press Knob 2
to execute the operation, and press Knob 1 to cancel it.
Message screens
These screens will display the following messages according to
the level of warning when a problem is detected in the unit.
Example: WARNING screen
This screen appears when the operation is not executed
because the conditions are not right, or when user memory is
This screen appears when an inappropriate device is con-
nected to the USB connector, or when an abnormal exit
occurs during an operation.
This screen appears when a problem is detected in the
MGP32X/MGP24X internal connection.
Press Knob 2 to close the screen. In the case of MESSAGE, the
screen will automatically close after a few seconds without press-
ing Knob 2.
Function (Knob 2)
Screen name
Page name
Page number
Function (Knob 1)
setting area
HOME button
When FX1 is on
When FX1 is off
Knob 2Knob 1