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MGP32X/MGP24X Owner’s Manual
Using Other Functions
Initializing the unit to the factory
default settings (resetting user mem-
The MGP32X/MGP24X unit has a function to reset user memory
by initializing the unit to the factory default settings. The parame-
ter settings and user programs will be reset to the factory default
When user memory is initialized, all the parameter settings
and user programs in the current user memory will be
overwritten with the factory default settings. Proceed with
the following operation only if you are very sure you want
to do this.
1. Make sure that the power of the unit is set to
2. Turn on the power switch while holding down
both the FX1 and the SETUP buttons.
The following MESSAGE screen appears when initialization
is complete. Hold down both the FX1 and SETUP buttons
until the MESSAGE screen appears.
3. Press Knob 2 to close the screen, or wait until
the MESSAGE screen automatically closes.
The display returns to the normal HOME screen.
Do not turn off the power while initialization is in progress.