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MGP32X/MGP24X Owner’s Manual
Controls and Connectors
t Screw holes
These are screw holes for mounting a stand for various
devices (87mm between the holes). Stands and screws are not
included with this product, and must be provided by the user.
Use M5 screws that are no longer than 20mm.
These are unbalanced TRS (tip=send/out; ring=return/in;
sleeve=ground) bidirectional jacks. You can use these jacks to
connect a graphic equalizer or other signal processor. Con-
necting an INSERT jack requires a special insertion cable.
Refer to the NOTE for INSERT in
Mono inputs
(page 22).
This is an XLR-3-31 type unbalanced input jack for connect-
ing a talkback microphone.
This is an XLR-4-31 connector that supplies power to a sepa-
rately sold gooseneck lamp (the Yamaha LA1L is recom-
If you connect a lamp with different connectors or you short-cir-
cuit it by mistake, the protective circuit that powers off only the
LAMP power supply will be triggered. To recover the LAMP
power supply, turn the unit off, and wait for about 10 seconds
before turning it on again.
o GROUP OUT (1-4)
These impedance-balanced (*) TRS jacks output the GROUP
1-4 signals. Use these jacks to connect to the inputs of a
multi-track recorder, external mixer, or similar device.
These are balanced XLR and TRS output jacks that output the
mixed stereo signal. They output the signal adjusted by the
STEREO master fader. Connect these jacks to the power
amplifier that drive your main speakers.
This is a balanced XLR-3-32 output jack that outputs the sig-
nal adjusted by the MONO master fader. This outputs a mono
signal of the mixed stereo bus (L/R). Connect to a subwoofer
speaker or an expanded SR system.
These are balanced XLR-3-32 output jacks (1: Ground; 2:
Hot; 3: Cold). These jacks output the signals from the AUX1
– AUX6 buses, respectively. Use these jacks to connect to an
effects processor or monitor system, for example.
Power section
!3 AC IN connector
Connect the included power cord here. First, connect the
power cord to the MGP unit, and then plug it into an AC out-
!4 Power switch
Turns power to the unit ON or OFF. Press the switch to the
” position to turn on the power. Press the switch to the
” position to turn off the power.
Rapidly turning the unit ON and OFF in succession can
cause it to malfunction. After turning the unit OFF, wait
for about 6 seconds before turning it ON again.
Even when the power switch is turned off, electricity is
still flowing to the product at the minimum level. When
you are not using the product for a long time, make sure
to unplug the power cord from the wall AC outlet.