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MGP32X/MGP24X Owner’s Manual
Controls and Connectors
Master control block
USB device recorder section
With this section you can connect a USB device to record and
play back music. (page 33)
q USB IN connector
Connects the USB device.
w USB ACCESS indicator
Lights while the unit accesses the USB device.
Transport section
e REW button
Press to move to the previous song. Holding down this button
while playing back rewinds the song.
r PLAY button and indicator
Press to alternately start/pause playback of the song. The
indicator lights during playback, and flashes while paused.
t FWD button
Press to move to the next song. Holding down this button
while playing back forwards the song. Pressing this button
while recording stops the current recording and begins
recording a new file.
y REC button and indicator
Press to start/stop recording. The indicator lights while
iPod/iPhone section
This section lets you connect an iPod/iPhone to play back a song
(page 36) and charge the iPod/iPhone. The unit charges the iPod/
iPhone while it is connected to and recognized by the unit.
q iPod/iPhone IN connector
Use an USB cable to connect an iPod/iPhone.
w iPod indicator
Lights when the unit is accessing an iPod/iPhone.
Use the genuine Apple Dock Connector USB Cable for
the iPod/iPhone connection.
When connecting to an iPod/iPhone, allow at least 6 sec-
onds to pass between turning the mixer on and off and
plugging or unplugging the USB cable.
Please do not use a USB hub.
The unit’s iPod/iPhone IN connector is dedicated to
iPod/iPhone use only. Please do not connect other USB
If you connect an iPhone, incoming calls or emails may cause
a notification sound to be output. In order to prevent this, we
recommend setting the iPhone’s Airplane mode to “on.”
Capacity and format of the USB device
Up to 64GB of the capacity for the USB device is guaranteed
by Yamaha. (However, Yamaha cannot guarantee operation
for all the USB devices). The supported file system is FAT32.
The maximum size of one file is 2GB.
While the unit is accessing data (such as during
recording, playing back, and saving operations), do
NOT remove the USB device from the USB IN con-
nector, and do NOT turn off the unit. Doing so may
damage the USB device or corrupt the data on either
or both the unit and the USB device.
Make sure that you insert the USB device all the way
in the correct orientation or upside down. Avoid
inserting with excessive force.
ert y