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MGP32X/MGP24X Owner’s Manual
* If any specific problem should persist, please contact your Yamaha dealer.
Cannot record to a USB
Is the USB device write-protected?
Does the USB device have sufficient capacity to save the data?
Is the USB device formatted in FAT32 format?
Since high transmission speed is required for recording in WAV format, recording songs to
USB flash drives may not be possible. We recommend using HDD (hard disc drive) or SSD
(solid-state drive) when recording songs.
If you use a USB flash drive for recording songs, change the recording format to MP3:128k,
MP3:192k, MP3:256k, or MP3:320k.
If the memory is fragmented significantly, try running a defragmentation program on the com-
iPod/iPhone signal is not
Is the output signal assignment set appropriately? (page 36)
Is the iPod indicator turned off?
The unit has not recognized your iPod/iPhone. Check which iPod/iPhone models are sup-
The supported iPod/
iPhone is not recognized.
If your iPod/iPhone has not been charged, it may take some time to be recognized by the
Please wait.
When a stereo signal is
input, the left and right vol-
ume is different.
Is the pan knob set to the center position?
If it is located in the center, try swapping the connections. If the lesser/greater volume signals
are also switched, check the connected device(s).
Is the same type of cable used for the right and left signals?
A cable with resistance lowers the volume.
The sound level is incon-
sistent, or there is an
unnatural “pumping” in
the sound.
Are you applying the compressor at an appropriate level?
You might have to lower the COMP knob levels.
The Leveler is not enabled. Is the GAIN knob on the stereo channels adjusted appropriately?
The leveler may not be enabled if you increase the gain too much.