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MGP32X/MGP24X Owner’s Manual
Using Effects (FX)
Applying two effects simultaneously
Two effects can be applied simultaneously by sending
the signals from FX2 to FX1 (or from FX1 to FX2).
This is especially useful for applying reverb to the delay
sound. This section shows you how to send the signal
from FX2 to FX1.
1. Press the FX2 button below the display to dis-
play the (1/2) MAIN page.
2. Rotate or press Knob 1 to display the program
3. Rotate Knob 1 to select “08 DELAY” or “09
SIGNAL DELAY”, and then press Knob 1 to
actually call it up.
4. Turn on the ON switch
of the input channel,
and then rotate the
FX2 knob to send the
signal to FX2 RTN.
5. Rotate the FX TO FX
BLEND knob fully
The signal from FX2 will be
sent to FX1.
6. Turn on the ON switch of the FX1 RTN channel,
and then raise the FX1 RTN fader to adjust the
effect depth.
Displaying FX1 and FX2 together
The selected programs and parameters of FX1 and
FX2 can conveniently be displayed on one screen
together. You can select the program and operate the
parameter on the same screen.
1. Press the FX1 button and the FX2 button
Both FX1 and FX2 screens appear on one screen.
To switch the program mode and the parameter mode, press
the FX1 or FX2 button.
Selecting a program
1. Press the FX1 (or FX2) button repeatedly if
necessary to call up the Program mode display
(indicated by “PGM” at the bottom).
2. Rotate or press Knob 1 for FX1, and Knob 2 for
The program list appears.
3. Rotate Knob 1 for FX1 or Knob 2 for FX2 to
select the desired program, and then press
each knob respectively to actually call it up.
The program will be called up.
Selecting a parameter
1. Press the FX1 (or FX2) button repeatedly if
necessary to call up the Parameter mode dis-
play (indicated by “PARAM” at the bottom).
2. Rotate Knob 1 (for FX1) or Knob 2 (for FX2) to
adjust the parameter.
Exiting the screen
Press the HOME, GEQ, COMP, USB, or SETUP button in the
display section to switch to the corresponding screen.
Turn on
t” position
Rotate fully
Program mode Parameter mode
Program mode
Parameter mode