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MGP32X/MGP24X Owner’s Manual
Preparing the power supply
1. Make sure that the power switch of the unit is
set to the “ ” position (off).
2. Connect the socket of the included power cord
to the [AC IN] connector.
3. Plug the power cord into a power outlet.
Unplug the power cord from the outlet when not using the
mixer or during electrical storms.
1. Turn all the faders and GAIN knobs completely
2. Connect speakers, microphones and/or instru-
Refer to “Setup example” on pages 8-9 for more information
on connections.
Powering up the system
To prevent an unwanted burst of noise from the
speakers, power up the devices in the following
order: peripheral devices (instrument, micro-
phone, iPod) MGP mixer power amps (or
powered speakers).
Reverse this order when turning the power off.
Be sure to turn the power on/off in this order every time you
use the mixer. Failure to do so may result in loud noise
bursts that can damage your equipment, your ears, or both.
Getting sound to the speakers
1. While producing sound on your instrument or
microphone, adjust the channel GAIN knobs
so that the corresponding peak indicators
flash briefly at the highest peak levels.
To use the level meter to get a more accurate reading of the
incoming signal level, turn on the channel PFL switch. Adjust
the GAIN knobs so that the PFL/AFL level meter indicator
only occasionally rises above the “0” level.
The gain (volume) level of the audio files in the USB device
may be too high. Refer to the NOTE on page 35 to adjust the
Note that the PHONES jack or MONITOR OUT jacks output
the pre-fader signal from all channels for which the PFL
switch is ON, so that those signals can be monitored.
2. Turn on ( ) the ON and ST (Stereo) switches
for each channel you are using.
3. Make sure that all the PFL and AFL switches
are off ( ).
4. Turn on ( ) the ON switch of the STEREO
5. Raise the STEREO master fader to the 0 dB
6. Adjust the volume of each channel by moving
its fader up and down.
7. Adjust the overall volume with the STEREO
master fader.
The overall headphone level is adjusted with the PHONES
If the PEAK indicator lights frequently, slowly lower the channel
faders a little to avoid distortion.
GAIN knobs Power switch (rear panel)
1 GAIN knob
6 Fader
2 ON switch
2 ST switch
STEREO master
3 PFL switches
AFL switches
master fader
4 ON switch
1, 7
Level meter
AFL switches