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MGP32X/MGP24X Owner’s Manual
Power doesn’t come on. Is an independent power-supply unit such as a power generator, or a power strip with switch
plugged into the mixer?
Make sure that the power is turned on.
No sound. Are microphones, external devices, and speakers connected correctly?
Is a Y-shaped cable used to connect the INSERT connector or an external device?
Are your cables connected properly, or are they shorted or faulty?
Are the channel GAIN knobs, channel faders, STEREO master fader and GROUP faders set
to appropriate levels?
Are the bus assign switch and switches in the USB IN section and in the iPod IN section set
No sound from the STE-
REO OUT jacks
Are the ON switch and ST switch of the channels you are using turned ON?
Is the ON switch of the STEREO master turned on?
No sound from the AUX1
to AUX6 jacks
Are the respective SEND MASTER knob, AUX1 to AUX6 knobs, FX1 and FX2 knobs of each
channel set to appropriate levels?
No sound from the MONI-
Are the PFL switches for the channels that you are not using turned on? Make sure to turn off
the PFL switch.
Is the AFL switch of the bus channel you want to monitor turned on?
No sound from the CH29/
30, CH31/32 {CH21/22,
CH23/24} jacks
Is the input select switch set to USB IN/iPod IN ( )? Make sure to set the switch to ANA-
LOG ( ).
Sound is faint, distorted,
or noisy.
Are the channel GAIN knobs, channel faders, STEREO master fader and GROUP faders set
to appropriate levels?
Is the 26dB switch turned on?
Make sure to turn off the switch when a low-level source, such as a microphone, is input.
Is the output signal from the connected device set to an appropriate level?
Are you applying the effects and compressor at appropriate levels?
You may have to lower the FX1, FX2 knobs, FX RTN fader, and COMP knob levels.
Are two different instruments connected to the XLR-type and phone jacks, or to the phone and
RCA pin jacks on one channel?
Make sure to connect to only one of these jacks on each channel.
Are microphones connected to the INPUT A input jacks?
If you are using condenser microphones, is the +48V switch turned ON?
If you are connecting a device which has a specified output level of +4dBu, turn on the 26dB
(PAD) switch of the mono channels or use stereo channels.
(Stereo channel) Is the DUCKER switch turned on?
When a signal is constantly input to CH24 {CH16} or the GROUP 1 bus, the sound becomes
No effect is applied. Check that the FX1 and FX2 knobs on each channel are adjusted correctly.
Check whether the ON button of the FX1 RTN and/or FX2 RTN channel is turned on.
Be sure that Knob 2, and the FX1 RTN and/or FX2 RTN faders are correctly adjusted.
Check that the switch for the desired bus in the FX1 RTN and/or FX2 RTN bus assign
switches is turned on.
When an effects processing unit is connected to the SEND(AUX1 to AUX6) jacks, are the
AUX1 to AUX6 knobs on the SEND MASTER set to appropriate levels?
I want spoken words to be
heard more clearly.
Make sure that the switch is turned ON.
Are the equalizers (HIGH, MID, and LOW knobs) on each channel adjusted appropriately?
I want to output a monitor
signal for the mixer
through speakers.
Connect a powered speaker to the MONITOR OUT jack.
Make sure to adjust the level of output signal from the MONITOR OUT jack with the MONI-
TOR knob.